Motorola Makes An Investment In Sensitive Object

Posted Dec 7, 2009

Motorola has made an investment in a company that focuses on multi-touch technologies. The company that received the investment is Sensitive Object. Sensitive Object designed a platform called Anywhere MultiTouch that adds a virtual touchpad to the surfaces of a device. Sensitive Object can transform any product into a touch device using their ReverSys system.

Sensitive Object uses acoustics in the ReverSys system to ?analyze sound waves departing from the point of a touch to precisely and cost-effectively transform any product into a touch device.?

?Natural user interface (NUI) and in particular interacting with a device through touch is an area of rapid development and great excitement,? stated Motorola Ventures Managing Director Reese Schroeder. ?Sensitive Object provides an innovative and unique approach allowing new ways of interaction. We?re most excited to be involved in their growth and success.? The financial details were undisclosed regarding the investment.