Motorola Opus One Could Be The First iDEN Android Handset

Posted Dec 6, 2009

To the right is a picture of what is rumored to be the world’s first iDEN Android-based handset, developed by Motorola. The screenshot was sent over to our friends at Boy Genius Report. The phone is currently codenamed Opus One.

iDEN stands for Integrated Digital Enhanced Network and it is a mobile telecommunications technology that was developed by Motorola. iDEN is the combination of trunked radio and a cellular telephone. It can fit more users in a spectral space than analog cellular and two-way radio systems. Nextel said that they would stop supporting iDEN until 2010 but Sprint reaffirmed their commitment to the technology through the acquisition of IPCS for $426 million this past October.

It is easy to rule out iDEN as a dying technology but it is very popular in other countries and is used on many popular devices.