Motorola r765IS Is Nothing To Mess With

Posted Aug 11, 2009

The Motorola r765IS mobile phone can really take a beating.  You can throw the phone in water or place it in a burning building, but it will still survive.  The r765IS mobile phone was built to work in “high-noise, hazardous, chemical or gaseous environments” according to a Sprint press release.

The r765IS has been certified for Military Specification 810F requirements.  This includes humidity, high and low temperatures, dust shock, vibration, salt fog, blowing rain, and vibration.

The r765IS also supports Nextel Direct Connect which attaches voicemail to e-mail as attachments, GPS navigatoin, and other emergency dialing features.  What is the price of a phone that is nothing to mess with? About $2,000.

[via Engadget]