Retired police officer shoots man in a movie theater for texting

Posted Jan 14, 2014

In Wesley Chapel, Florida, a retired police officer started to argue with a man that was texting during the movie “Lone Survivor.” The former police officer Curtis Reeves has been accused of shooting Chad Oulson. Oulson was reportedly texting during the movie previews. Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said that the victim was sitting in front of the shooter.

“During the altercation, the suspect decided to pull out a .380,” said Nocco during a press conference. Oulson was at the movie theater with his wife and she was also shot, but was not seriously injured. Oulson was pronounced dead after the shooting. Oulson told Reeves that he was texting his daughter. Some popcorn was thrown during the incident.

“I can’t believe people would bring a pistol, a gun to a movie. I can’t believe they would argue and fight and shoot one another over popcorn, or even a cell phone,” stated former Vietnam vet and eyewitness Charles Cummings. The theater, Cobb Grove 16, recently instituted a no-guns policy.

[Source:  CNN]