Mozilla Adds A Share Button To Firefox 23

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Mozilla has announced some changes that have been added to the Firefox browser in version 23.  For the desktop version of Firefox, Mozilla has added a new share button.  This button lets you share websites on several social websites including Facebook, Mixi, and msnNOW.  You can share the websites without leaving the page that you are visiting.

?There is endless potential for integrating social networks, e-mail, finance, music, to-do lists, sports, news and other applications into your Firefox experience,? stated Mozilla in a blog post.

The new version of Firefox will be dropping support for the blink element in code, which was popular in late 1990’s website design.  The OS X version of Firefox will support the new scrollbar style as well.

Firefox for Android: The title bar on the Android version of Firefox will now autocomplete URLs.  It will also know when a website in your favorites is already open.  It will take you there instead of opening a new tab when tapping on the favorite.  The URL bar will also hide when you scroll down just like the mobile Google Chrome browser.  The Android version of the browser will get an updated RSS reader that detects feeds.  If a feed is detected, you can do a long-tap on the “Awesome Bar” to subscribe to the page, according to TechCrunch.