Mozilla Director Asa Dotzler Suggested Firefox Users Switch To Bing

Posted Dec 11, 2009

Mozilla Director of Community Development Asa Dotzler was not very happy with the anti-privacy comments that Google CEO Eric Schmidt made. As a result Dotzler suggested that Firefox users switch to Microsoft’s and gave instructions regarding how to switch from the default Google search engine.

“I think that the thing that bothers me most about Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s comment is that it makes clear that he simply doesn’t understand privacy,” stated Dotzler. “That a company with so much user data on its servers is led by someone who just doesn’t understand privacy is really scary to me and it should be scary to you as well.”

Dotzler was referring to an interview that Schmidt had on CNBC when he was asked if Google users should trust their search engine as a “trusted friend.” Schmidt responded “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” Dotzler added that Bing has a better privacy policy than Google too.

What are your thoughts about Dotzler’s statements? Do you think his words are convincing enough to switch your default search? Let us know in the comments.