Mozilla Director Mike Beltzner Not Happy About Mac App Store

Posted Oct 22, 2010

Mozilla Director of Firefox Development Mike Beltzner was not happy about the announcement of the Mac App Store at the Back to the Mac event. “It’s obvious already from today’s keynote that they’re looking to bypass the web.” Mozilla announced an open web app store the day before Apple announced a new Mac App Store.

The Mac App Store does not allow developers to submit demos, trials, beta, or test apps. If an application crashes or has a bug, it will be rejected from the Mac App Store. Jobs also banned apps that use Java or other “deprecated or optionally installed technologies.”

Beltzner said “These Mac OS X App Store requirements are not going to work well with Mozilla’s ‘open beta’ development process:” in a tweet.

Beltzner also pointed out that does not work with the latest Firefox beta because it serves flawed CSS rules.

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