Mozilla Earned $163 Million In 2011

Posted Nov 17, 2012

Mozilla recently released their annual financial report for 2011 called the “State of Mozilla” report.  The report was put together by Mozilla’s chair Mitchell Baker.  Mozilla’s total revenue was at $163 million, which is up from $123 million in 2010.  A majority of this revenue came from Google.  Mozilla’s total expenses for 2011 was $145 million.

Around 85% of Mozilla’s royalty revenue in 2011 was from their Google contract and they have similar deals with the Microsoft Bing search engine.  “Mozilla entered into a contract with a search engine provider for royalties which expires November 2014.  The previous contract term expired in November 2011.  Approximately 85% and 84% of royalty revenue for 2011 and  2010, respectively, was derived from this contract.  The receivable from this search engine provider represented 77% and 64% of the December 31, 2011 and 2010 outstanding receivables, respectively,” stated Mozilla in their financial report.

Mozilla’s relationship with Google is very interesting.  Even though Google is Mozilla’s largest source of revenue, the company is developing a competing web browser called Chrome.  Google Chrome is growing at a rapid pace and is chipping away at the Mozilla Firefox browser market share.