Mozilla Engineer Rob Sayre Writes Open Letter To Steve Ballmer and Later Apologizes

Posted Mar 20, 2010

Mozilla engineer Rob Sayre wrote a blog post earlier today to Steve Ballmer asking Microsoft to make an NDK for the Windows Phone 7 Series. Either people really liked the article Sayre wrote or they really hated it. Below is an excerpt:

What?s this got do with you? Well, you have this new Windows Phone thing going on. Tufte slammed it a little, and maybe the cropped UI is kind of busted. I?ll give it a shot, though. I think a head to head comparison makes you look pretty good. It makes the iPhone UI look like it?s made of ugly jelly beans. I?m kind of surprised?the allegedly cool Cocoa Touch stuff is reminding me of 90s Unix window managers. Oh wait, that?s what it is. haha.

Later on during the day, Sayre wrote an apology blog post:

Blog posts that sound like Jim Anchower really irritate people for some reason. I won?t do it again, I promise.
Open letters irritate people. I won?t do those anymore either.
Calling anything done in Cocoa ugly irritates people.
Encouraging a classic embrace-and-extend maneuver irritates people.
So that last post was something of a grand slam. Sorry. A Windows Phone NDK would be cool though, right?