Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 3 Available for Download: List of New Features

Posted Feb 13, 2008

Mozilla has recently published Firefox 3 Beta 3.  Firefox 3 has few memory problems but some of the add-ons are not compatible.  One of the issues that I saw with previous versions of Firefox 3 was that it tended to freeze up with pop-up windows on the WordPress Admin.

Some of the improvements over Firefox 2 includes:
1.) One-click Site Info:
When clicking on the favicon next to the URL on the address bar, Firefox 3 relocates users to see who owns the site.
2.) Malware Protection: Firefox’s Malware feature displays a warning when entering a web site that is known for intalling viruses, spyware, and malware.
3.) A New Download Manager: Firefox has a new Download Manager add-on that displays where downloaded files come from.
4.) Podcasts/Videocasts: Podcasts and Videocasts embedded on Firefox can be associated with preferred media players.
5.) Linux/Mac Integration: There is a Firefox theme and add-ons with toolbars, icons, widgets, spell-checkers, and web forms to make it feel like its operating on a Mac.  The same thing is possible for Linux through a GTK theme.
6.) Star Button (Bookmarks): This feature is similar to Internet Explorer 7.0.  Clicking on the star one time saves it as a bookmark and a second click allows users to file and tag bookmarks.
7.) Speed: The speed is faster.  Firefox uses Cairo, an API that advances 2D drawing load-time.
8.) Auto-complete for address bar: When typing in letters or a URL in the address bar, a pull-down menu will display URLs with the favicon next to it.  Clicking on it directs the user to the URL.  It speeds up navigation using the browser.
9.) Memory usage: 350+ memory leaks were fixed in the new browser.  There XPCOM cycle collector eliminates other memory leaks.
10.) Windows Vista Parental Leaks: Accounts with parental controls on Windows Vista has file downloads disabled on Firefox.
The download is available in 34 languages.  Here are some of the release notes.