Mozilla may be placing sponsored tiles on new tab page

Posted May 12, 2014

Mozilla is going to place sponsored tiles on its new-tab page as part of a new monetization strategy. Mozilla?s Vice President of Firefox Jonathan Nightingale wrote a blog post several days ago defending plans to include sponsored tiles on the new-tab page. This program will be rolled into the browser slowly. Sponsored content may be added to the new-tab page in the future as well. Mozilla first introduced this program at an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in February.

Currently the new-tab page is populated with websites that you regularly visit. The Firefox team said that the browser will not turn “into a mess of logos sold to the highest bidder.” The sponsored tiles would stay around for the first 30 days after a user installs FIrefox unless a user actively manages them.

Mozilla primarily generates revenue through a partnership with Google. In 2012, 97.9% of Mozilla’s revenue was through search engines and most of it came from Google.