Mozilla To Present Mozilla Marketplace At Mobile World Congress

Posted Feb 24, 2012

Mozilla will be unveiling the Mozilla Marketplace at Mobile World Congress. Mozilla Marketplace will allow developers to submit open web technology (HTML5/JavaScript/CSS) apps. Marketplace is a way for Mozilla to stay competitive with the Google Chrome Web Store. Mozilla’s upcoming smartphone and tablet OS will also be using the Mozilla Marketplace. Mozilla will be announcing at MWC that they will be partnering with LG to make a developer-oriented mobile device.

Firefox 13 will be the first version of the Mozilla Firefox browser to have Marketplace. It will have an app launcher as part of the Home Tab app launcher. Firefox 13 will be released at the beginning of June. Boot to Gecko (B2G), Mozilla’s upcoming smartphone and tablet operating system, will also be using the Marketplace. It will be open source so carriers will be able to create their own Open Web Marketplace and populate it with their own apps. B2G is a cut-down version of Linux that loads Gecko, the rendering engine behind Firefox.