MPAA Pushing For Megaupload To Preserve Data On Users

Posted Mar 22, 2012

The MPAA is asking a federal judge for to preserve the data on their 66.6 million users. Megaupload was shut-down in January after a massive cross-country take-down. Over $50 million in assets were seized along with the domain name during the seize.

The MPAA requested Megaupload’s server host company Carpathia in Virginia to retain 25 petabytes of data. MPAA vice president Howard Gantman said that the studios are not intending on suing individual users, but is considering suing Megaupload and other involved entities.

?The reason we did that filing [was] that there is a possibility that litigation might be pursued against Megaupload or various intermediaries involved in Megaupload?s operation. We?re not talking about individual users,? said Gantman.

The problem is that Carpathia is spending $9,000 per day to retain the data hosted on Megaupload. Carpathia demanded a federal judge to relieve them of that burden. On the other hand, Megaupload wants the government to free up some of their cash so that they can pay Carpathia to retain the data for its defense and possibly return data to their customers.

The government said that Megaupload generated millions in user fees and ads while facilitating copyright infringement such as Hollywood movies and TV shows. The government estimated that Megaupload caused an “estimated harm” to copyright holders “well in excess of $500 million.” Megaupload also failed to comply to removal notices from right holders under the DMCA.