MuleSoft Acquires ProgrammableWeb From Alcatel-Lucent

Posted Apr 24, 2013

MuleSoft has acquired ProgrammableWeb from Alcatel-Lucent.  This is a way for Alcatel-Lucent to exit from the API market.  MuleSoft is a data integration company that is considered a GitHub for APIs.  MuleSoft will be integrating their APIhub into ProgrammableWeb’s API database.  ProgrammableWeb now has a place where they can extend their API database to a community that can build out apps that use the APIhub platform.

ProgrammableWeb plans to maintain their blog and API database.  They will remain an independent company.  APIhub will be a place for developers to get support when integrating APIs.  Developers can collaborate on the APIs similar to the way that GitHub operates.

Alcatel-Lucent bought Programmable Web in June 2010.  Back then, Alcatel-Lucent was working on building a developer ecosystem, but these efforts ended up not being supported by upper management at the company.