Multiven Claims Cisco Is Stealing Data

Posted Mar 13, 2013

Multiven is a Zurich-based IT services company that is blaming Cisco Systems of espionage.  Multiven is claiming that Cisco stole thousands of their files.  Multiven has sued Cisco Systems multiple times, including in the U.S. courts back in 2008 and in Switzerland last year.  Multiven also claimed that Cisco’s bundling of network maintenance service plans is a monopoly abuse.

Cisco Systems countersued and claimed that Multiven and former Cisco employee CEO Peter Alfred-Adekeye broke into the system and stole software.  Alfred-Adekeye was arrested once and he claimed that Cisco was the reason why.  But Cisco has denied involvement of that happening.

Multiven filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Swiss Cybercrime Coordination Unit.  The company alleges theft of ?thousands of its proprietary and copyrighted data files from its knowledge base,”

Multiven said that the unlawful access put an “undue load” on their servers, which resulted in degraded services for their customers.  Multiven said that the stolen files were taken by using “automated cyber scraping software” and an internal investigation traced the attack to IP addresses that were assigned to Cisco in California.

Below is a statement that Cisco sent to GigaOM:

?This is yet another false accusation from Multiven, and we strongly reject this claim. The only access that Cisco has ever had to Multiven content is through its website, which is readily available to the general public.

Further, it?s important to note that Multiven?s CEO is currently under federal indictment in the U.S. for behavior ? including stealing Cisco software in violation of the federal Anti-Hacking Statute ? similar to their own accusations.?