Music Identification App Shazam Arrives On The iPad

Posted May 23, 2013

Shazam, the music identification app, has arrived on the iPad.  The iPad version of the app comes with several new social features.  The app also works very well with TV shows.

The Shazam for iPad app has a new home screen that shows the most tagged songs and TV shows.  Clicking on a TV show will show you music from that show and tweets about that show.  You can also tap on “Real Time Top Tracks” to display all of the songs that people in the world are currently tagging.

The Auto-Tagging feature in the app constantly recognizes music, TV shows, and commercials that are playing near you.  You can browse through everything the app picks up after you are done with your chores and then add them to your Favorites.

?We have seen amazing growth and expansion in both the number of people who use Shazam on iPad as well as their level of engagement,? says Rich Riley, of Shazam. According to Riley, Shazam is currently used by over 300 million people worldwide.

The Shazam for iPad app lets you see what your friends are listening to and what the top tagged songs in the world are.  You can also break-down the top tagged songs by the city.  LyricPic shows the lyrics to the identified song at the top of the screen also.

Shazam has a Rdio feature that lets you identify a song that is playing in the car next to you as your car is at a stoplight.  From there, you can listen to the song in your own car.