Music Service Songza Raises $3.82 Million

Posted Apr 15, 2013

Songza is a streaming music service that has curated playlists based on the mood or time of day.  Songza has developed apps for iOS, Android, and the Kindle Fire.  The company has raised $3.82 million according to an SEC filing.  Previously known as Amie Street, Songza is led by CEO Elias Roman and is based in Long Island, New York.  Some of the playlists moods include “Keeping Calm & Mellow,” “Boosting Your Energy,” and “Fun & Funky Pick-me-ups.” acquired Amie Street in September 2010 for an undisclosed amount. was interested in acquiring the users from Amie Street.  Previous investors in Songza include Deep Fork Capital and Geoff Judge (24/7 Media co-founder).  Although the Form D SEC filing does not reveal the investor, angel investor social network AngelList lists as a source.

What I like about Songza is that the curated playlists contain many songs that I do not typically hear on the radio or Pandora.  Clear Channel tends to dictates what songs we should like, but Songza does not.  Many of the songs that are on Songza are not exactly in the mainstream.  Songza is how you keep music fresh.