Music Streaming Service Senzari Raises $2 Million

Posted Dec 3, 2011

Senzari is a music streaming service that competes with Pandora. Pandora’s biggest complaints is that their music catalog is too small and it is not available outside of the U.S. Senzari is a Miami-based music streaming service that recently launched in the U.S. and Brazil with plans to expand into Latin America, Spain, and Australia.

Pandora currently offers a catalog of 900,000 songs and Senzari launched with over 10 million. Senzari has Facebook integration including live chat with Facebook friends. Senzari raised $2 million in funding from undisclosed angel investors in Silicon Valley and Boston. A private equity group in Southern California also participated in this round. This is Bill Hajjar’s fourth start-up.

Why launch another streaming music radio service? About ?80% of the U.S. market would rather have a lean-back experience,? stated Hajjar. Hajjar believes that people just want to enjoy music and discover new bands instead of building playlists.

Senzari decided to focus on taking Pandora on by hitting their weak spots. Senzari has a strategic partnership with RED Viacom, Nickelodeon, VH1, MTV, and Comedy Central.