Music Video Website Vevo Aiming To Become A TV Channel

Posted Dec 21, 2011

The problem with a lot of the music video channels like MTV, VH1, and BET today is that they don’t actually play music videos that often. They are too busy shows with fist-pumping Italians, the opportunity to fall in love in with Flava Flav, and the Phat Girlz. I believe that Vevo would make up for the lack of music videos on TV. This is why I thought it was great news when Vevo was in talks with cable carriers to become a channel.

Vevo operates independent, but is owned by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and the Abu Dhabhi Media Company. Vevo received 57 million visitors in the U.S. in October and they saw about 827 million videos being streamed that month. This is a 400% increase since they launched in December 2009. Vevo’s videos are streamed through YouTube which is where a bulk of their traffic is coming from. The company is aiming to become more of an established brand so they can earn more advertising revenue when users go directly to their website instead of through YouTube.