Music Widget Company, Musicane Strikes A Deal With Lil’ Wayne

Posted Jun 6, 2008

New Orleans Rapper and Hottest MC in the Game (MTV), Lil’ Wayne will be selling downloads of his new album, Tha Carter III to fans through his website, on social network pages, and his own blog with the Musicane widget.  Musicane will offer fans the ability to buy the whole album or individual songs.  The Musicane widget will also have previews of Lil’ Wayne’s music. 

Musicane will also stream interviews and sell other products in the near future.  MP3s bought through Musicane will be in 320 kbps and will be DRM-free.  This means that the music will work on any MP3-supported digital portable music player including the iPod and the Zune.

“Lil Wayne is a natural fit to help further this movement not just because of his stature in the music world but more for his bold attitude toward change. He knows that the new model for the flow of music distribution is rooted in empowering the fans, not the traditional gate keepers that tend to slow everything down,” stated Musicane’s President/COO Vikramaditya Jain. 

Lil’ Wayne fans will be able to embed the widget in their own blogs and will be able to pay directly through the widget.  Fans that do this will be able to share revenue generated by the sales in their embedded widget. 

Musicane was founded by Vikramaditya Jain and Sudhin Shahani in 2006 and of the Black-Eyed Peas is a partner in the company.  Musicane has a deal with Universal Music Group that allows them to sell their entire catalogue of music in the MP3 form.

Singles on Tha Carter III includes Lollipop, A Milli, Got Money (featuring T-Pain), You Ain’t Got Nuthin (featuring Fabolous & Juelz Santana), and Mr. Carter (featuring Jay-Z).

Below is a screen shot of what the Musicane player looks like [note: the play button doesn’t work because it’s an image screen shot and not the actual widget]: