Mustafa Fteja Suing Facebook For $500,000 For Disabling His Account

Posted Jan 28, 2011

Mustafa Fteja is a New York resident that is suing Facebook for $500,000. He claims that Facebook inexplicably disable his account without warnings. Mustafa, 39, said that he used Facebook to stay in touch with people as he had about 340 friends there. “You call, they don’t answer the phone. You write, they don’t reply,” said Mustafa. That is why he was left with no choice but to take them to court. “I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing this for justice.”

Mustafa filed the lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this week. He used Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family in Montenegro, Germany, Austria, and Albania. Facebook told him that he violated the terms of his Facebook agreement, but he did not know why.

Mustafa said that he didn’t do anything that would be a violation of the terms of service. “Did somebody hack my account? I don’t know. If it’s that somebody hacked my account, Facebook should help me. If you have a problem with your AOL login, AOL helps you. Not Facebook.” Mustafa is also pulling the race card by saying that since he is Muslim, Facebook is discriminating against him.