MXD3D acquires 3 marketplaces for finding ideas to 3D print

Posted Jun 12, 2014

MXD3D is a 3D printing startup that is used for uploading designs. MXD3D wanted to create a place for people to look for things to buy and print though. Instead of developing its own shop for the 3D designs, MXD3D bought three online marketplaces from Calgary, Canada based uFathom.

MXD3D has integrated the three websites:,, and into its own website. Now people can select products to buy and choose where it is printed.

Startups and large tech companies are heavily involved in the 3D printing market. HP Labs is actively working on creating commercial 3D printers. Staples is running a 3D printing trial program. Stratasys acquired 3D printer manufacturer Makerbot around a year ago. Shapeways, a 3D printing marketplace, raised $30 million in funding a few months ago.

MXD3D will be setting up a freemium model for services related to selling, buying, and printing soon. MXD3D plans to work with companies by embedding its software into the websites of other companies also.

Based in San Mateo, MXD3D started in 2012 and participated in the enterprise-focused Alchemist Accelerator program in Silicon Valley. MXD3D raised around $1 million in seed funding led by Silicon Badia. Ecosystem Ventures and several angel investors participated as well. Now MXD3D employs around 11 people.

[Source: VentureBeat]