MyAllTop: Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop To Become Customizable In The Next Several Weeks

Posted Feb 12, 2009

Anyone that follows Guy Kawasaki knows that he has two websites and he is a former Apple evangelist.  Kawasaki launched two websites: Truemors and AllTop.  Truemors was acquired by NowPublic around July 2008 and AllTop was launched about 5 months before that.

Kawasaki launched AllTop by paying engineers roughly $10,000 and he describes it as “an online magazine rack.”  When it launched initially, many people did not see the point of it because it just seems like a collection of Kawasaki’s favorite sites about certain categories.  Nobody could customize AllTop and that is what people seem to want based on looking at the successes of Netvibes and iGoogle.  Hence there was a plethora of negative reviews.

Kawasaki wants to return with a vengeance.  “‘MyAlltop’ coming in six weeks,” wrote Kawasaki on his Twitter account.  That’s right, everybody.  AllTop will be customizable in the next release.   Should competitors be worried?  Kawasaki has quite a bit of marketing power on Twitter and based on his reputation so if I was Netvibes and iGoogle I’d keep my eyes peeled.