Is The First Social Network For Women Going Through Breast Cancer Treatment

Posted Oct 18, 2012 is the first social network that is for women that are going through breast cancer treatment.  MyBCTeam connects women with breast cancer with other women going through the same thing.  Members include people that are undergoing treatment and people that were recently diagnosed.

?When you?re diagnosed with breast cancer, you have this overwhelming desire to find other women, just like you, who have been through this,? stated co-founder Mary Ray in an interview with Mashable. ?You want to learn from them; get perspective, assurance and validation from them. And you don?t just want to hear from one woman like you; ideally, you want to find 10 to 20 women who were the same age, had the same type and stage of breast cancer. By its definition, MyBCTeam as a social network is purely focused on connecting women with each other, who?ve been through breast cancer.? is free and people can sign up using their Facebook account.  The website also has an iOS and Android app. launched this past September and spun out of MyHealthTeams.  MyHealthTeams creates social networks for people that have chronic conditions and diseases.  The company also created MyAutismTeam.

Remember October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Breast cancer is a serious issue in this country and is one of the major discussion points in this election in regards to ObamaCare.  Make sure that you get involved with breast cancer causes this month.