MyHeritage surpasses 5 billion historical records

Posted Apr 28, 2014

MyHeritage is a family history network that has announced its digital library of historical records has surpassed the 5 billion milestone. MyHeritage now has around 5.18 billion records.

MyHeritage’s competitor has 13 billion records and is adding five million records to its database every day.’s users are also adding a million family tree profiles every day. took around 20 years to hit the 5 billion record milestone and MyHeritage took only 2 years to hit this number.

To help with growth, MyHeritage partnered with FamilySearch last year. The multi-year partnership gave MyHeritage access to around 2 billion records alone. MyHeritage also partnered with BillionGraves, a crowdsourced initiative to preserve world’s cemeteries digitally.

Each name is counted as one record. If MyHeritage records shows the same person under multiple names, MyHeritage only counts this as a single record.

?We are providing Historical Big Data,?stated MyHeritage founder and CEO Gilad Japhet. ?Data all around us is exploding as we enter a new era, the Internet of Things, with humanity poised to produce even greater quantities of digital information every minute. In this abundance of data, vetted information about past periods, as needed for family history research, is harder to come by, and providing it in high quality and quantity is our specialty.?