Interview With mysms Co-Founder and CEO Martin Pansy

Posted Sep 6, 2012

mysms is a cloud-based messaging service that has announced that they have released a Windows Phone client in open beta.  mysms is a platform-independent messaging service that syncs texts between a range of mobile, web, and desktop platforms through a single cloud-based account.

mysms hit #1 in the German App Store for iOS and made the top 10 in diverse markets such as Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Romania.  mysms has synced over 250 million messages worldwide.  The service allows users to create, send, and receive text messages on any device.

mysms allows users to to send text messages using a PC or laptop keyboard.  It is also immune from the iOS SMS bug that lets scammers impersonate user accounts.

The app is available for download on Android, iOS, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Facebook, Chrome web browser, HTML5 app on, and Microsoft Windows Phone.

mysms has an open API available for developers that want to integrate SMS functionality into their apps as well as the ability to support OTT (Over The Top) carrier and IM options.

?We are very excited to offer a native Windows Phone client for Nokia, Samsung and HTC phones,? stated Martin Pansy, co-founder and CEO of mysms.  ?mysms allows users to send free, cloud-synced SMS to their friends worldwide and takes full advantage of the great user interface in Windows Phone.?

When speaking to Mr. Pansy, I learned that mysms has the strongest value proposition on Android.  Third party developers can access SMS natively on Android devices.  mysms has the ability to replace the stock SMS service on Android.

I asked Mr. Pansy what types of apps that developers could create using mysms’ API.  Some examples include the ability to connect mysms with e-mail.  Developers could also create an app so that whenever a burglary alarm goes off, you can receive an SMS.

The market for text messaging is huge.  In 2012, an estimated 9,089 billion SMS messages will be sent according to Portio Research.

mysms is a division of Up To Eleven.  Up To Eleven was founded in 2012 and is based in Graz, Austria.  They have a satellite office in Sunnyvale, California and there over 30 employees at the company.

The company’s business model is freemium.  At a certain point, mysms may introduce premium features that are related to synchronization in the mysms cloud.  Mysms will be used as a whitelabel solution for mobile operators or handset manufacturers.  mysms sells SMS to end consumers in Europe, giving them a price advantage.