MySpace Celebrity Officially Launches

Posted Jan 10, 2008

In a move that seems to emulate Yahoo!’s OMG celebrity gossip portal, MySpace has launched a celebrity site that will feature news articles, blogs, videos, and other aggregated content.  MySpace Celebrity will join other channels such as Impact, a political channel and the company also plans on introducing a gaming channel.

MySpace Celebrity will also feature content from official celebrity profiles.  At launch, there will be roughly 300 official celebrity profiles.

“MySpace Celebrity is Hollywood’s new home page,” stated MySpace President/co-founder, Tom Anderson. “Celebrities have been using MySpace since the site’s launch and it’s a natural extension for us to now offer them an aggregated channel where they can be in control of their own image…We want MySpace users to connect with celebrities in the same way that they do with musicians.”

MySpace is the most mainstream social network today.  Given MySpace is backed by a major media company helps sign the company sign advertising deals from all over Hollywood.  This is what gives MySpace Celebrity a competitive advantage over Yahoo! OMG!