MySpace Developer Platform Launches; No Sample Apps Available Yet

Posted Feb 5, 2008

“It’s intended to be a completely open field. Any developer can sign up for and start building applications,” stated Kyle Brinkman, GM of MySpace Developer platform.

MySpace, the largest social network on the planet (so far) has announced that they have just launched their development platform. When Facebook first launched their Developers platform, several partners had applications already available for adding before independent programmers could get their hands on the Facebook APIs.

The MySpace Developer launch has documentation and sample code. There are some overviews of how Google OpenSocial works, which helps power many of the application scripts.  There are Developer blogs authored by Aber Whitcomb (CTO) and Allen Hurff (VP of Engineering).

The three APIs provided by MySpace Developers includes OpenSocial with MySpace extensions, MySpace Action Scripts, and REST API. REST API is code that makes faster communication available between MySpace and third party sites.

The directory of applications won’t be available until March.  It is expected that many applications that gained instant popularity on Facebook will be added on MySpace.

[Information Source: PC Mag/Mashable]