MySpace India Beta Launches

Posted Jan 13, 2008

MySpace now has official custom social networks for two of the most populous countries in the world: India and China.  I am surprised that they did not release this earlier.  The social network has local Indian bands featured on the homepage and has partnered with Channel [V].  Channel [V] is a music TV channel broadcasted in India and several other countries. 

MySpace India also hosts a profile called indiHub, a channel that focuses on Blogs, Special Programs, Artist of the Week, and MySpace Extras.  The current artist of the week is New Delhi, India’s Jalebee Cartel.

MySpace has also hired Tarun Tripathi as their Director of Marketing and Content.  Tripathi is a former producer for Yash Raj films and will begin reporting to MySpace VP of Asia, Sung Lee. 

Now that MySpace is entering the social network steadily is Asia, Facebook should seriously consider doing the same.  Over half of the world’s population is located in that continent alone.  The more quality users Facebook can strategically attain, the higher their $15 billion valuation will become. 

[Information Source: contentSutra]