Not Impressed By MySpace Music

Posted Sep 25, 2008

When FOX and NBC announced that they’d be working on Hulu before it was released, I thought it would look bad.  Because looking at FOX’s acquisition of MySpace, it does not have as clean of a user interface as Facebook.  Hulu was released and I realized that judgment of FOX was off.  Then when I heard that FOX’s MySpace was creating a music service, I had high expectations given the success of Hulu.

MySpace Music was seen as a challenge to iTunes, but when I browsed the interface, I decided that it sucks.  Individual artist pages are no different from a regular MySpace user’s profile.  It is covered with Flash ads and Flash widgets everywhere, thus causing the load time to be a lot slower.  In order to buy the music, you have to wait for the artist’s MySpace Music Flash widget to load and then look for the small logo.

MySpace Music would have been better being built as a desktop software, especially if they want to compete with iTunes.  I agree with paidContent’s Joseph Weisenthal when he says “If you hate the way MySpace looks, then you?ll probably hate the way MySpace Music looks. Yes, it?s a different design, but it?s still got that busy, glitzy feel that characterizes the site itself.”

MySpace Music should go into hiding and come back when it looks as good as Hulu.