MySpace Now Lets You Pull In Facebook Interests

Posted Nov 19, 2010 has announced that they have created a partnership with Facebook called Mashup. Mashup allows MySpace users to create a stream of entertainment content based on their Facebook interests.

For example, I listed Eminem, 50 Cent, Taylor Swift, and Akon as some of my favorite artists on Facebook. When I logged into MySpace using Facebook Connect, it grabbed that data and added me as their friends on MySpace. Now this is what my MySpace homepage looks like:

You will notice that Akon’s Twitter feed is now on my homepage.Mashup with Facebook also works with Sync with Facebook. This allows you to sync your MySpace status update with a Facebook profile or Page. Facebook Sync has about 1 million Myspace. Myspace will soon be integrating the Facebook Like button across their entire social network too.

Seeing as how Myspace is adding a Facebook button across their whole social network, it is easy to describe Myspace as being the loser in the social networking war. And this is their way of embracing it. I believe this is just going to be an add-on to the clusterf**k of entertainment information spread all over the Myspace website. How Myspace continues to still receive a good amount of traffic right now is beyond me.

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