MySpace Now Syncs With Twitter (*YAWN* – TweetDeck Already Had That Service To Begin With)

Posted Sep 21, 2009

Sharon Nguyen, SVP over at MySpace made an announcement that MySpace can now sync with Twitter. Facebook had this feature available a long time ago through the use of an application, then TweetDeck came along and made that feature available months ago. The most recent update of TweetDeck made the MySpace-update feature possible too.

Some of the key features about the MySpace announcement include:
– Status updates synced back and forth between MySpace and Twitter
– MySpace updates can update Twitter
– When updates are sent from MySpace to Twitter, your MySpace status update is linked so people on MySpace can leave comments
– MySpace/Twitter sync is mobile using MySpace Mobile and WAP
– Open authenthication technology used for making data secure

To sync your MySpace and Twitter accounts, visit