MySpace To Make Profile Data Portable

Posted May 8, 2008

“The walls around the garden are coming down.”
-MySpace CEO, Chris DeWolfe

MySpace has just allowed their user data to become more portable. While MySpace is the dominant social network, Facebook has been taking away a lot of it’s market-share. MySpace data will soon be able to be exported to Yahoo!, eBay, Photobucket, and Twitter. MySpace is already well-established, but may feel that forcing users to pick one social network over the other may not bode well for the News Corp.-owned social network as Facebook is growing at a rapid pace.

“We, alongside our data availability launch partners, are pioneering a new way for the global community to integrate their social experiences Web-wide,” added DeWolfe.

MySpace profile owners spend hours customizing blog posts, music, videos, websites, and adding friends. MySpace will allow their users to transfer a lot of this data to partner websites.

“We believe that the more open and the more social the Internet becomes the better it is for MySpace. We are happy to work with Facebook if they want to join up with us on this project, as with any group that wants to work with us.”

Will Facebook join? Stay tuned.

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