MySpace’s Photobucket Relaunches

Posted Aug 16, 2012

MySpace acquired Photobucket for $250 million in cash in May 2007.  Back then Photobucket was the most popular photo sharing website and it was used primarily by teenagers to post photos for their MySpace profile.  Facebook introduced unlimited photos and MySpace plummeted from there.  Now Photobucket’s traffic is down over 30% from its peak in 2007.  The new version of Photobucket will be rolled out slowly and additional sharing features will be coming in September.

Photobucket wants people to believe that their service is a great place to back up your photos.  Photobucket users will have free storage of up to 2GB.  Previously Photobucket offered unlimited storage at $24.99 per year, but now that plan is switching to 20GB for $29.99.  Photobucket is also launching a feature called “Stories.”  Stories is a way to upload a bunch of photos to add captions and titles.  Photobucket still hosts 3.5 billion photos to 2 million websites.  Photobucket has 100 million registered users.