MySpaceTV Wins Exclusive Rights To Banzai

Posted May 21, 2008

Banzai is a show that is produced by RDF Media’s Radar division. Banzai is a slapstick comedy that spoofs Japanese gameshows and encourages viewers to bet on the outcomes. Mr. Banzai, the show’s host is played by opera singer, Masashi Fujimoto.

The location of the Banzai video channel is available here.

Some of the betting contests include: wheelchair mop jousting, grandmothers playing chicken in wheelchairs, egg eating competitions, and amputee soccer. The stunts performed on the show is similar to MTV’s Jackass.

MySpaceTV, a division of the MySpace social network has won the exclusive rights to the show for the video channel. Through this deal, MySpaceTV will have access to the clips 30 days before they air on TV. Banzai sometimes airs on FOX, USA, Comedy Central, and G4 in the U.S.

Below is a clip of one of the more popular segments: squirrel fishing.
Squirrel Fishing