MySQL Co-Founder Michael Widenius Steps Down From Sun

Posted Sep 5, 2008

Michael Widenius is one of the authors of the original version of MySQL. Widenius is also a co-founder in MySQL AB, the company that owns MySQL. In 1995, Widenius worked with David Axmark to create the original MySQL and released a book seven years later called MySQL Reference Manual. Widenius was the CTO of MySQL AB until Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) acquired them this past January.

Valleywag has reported that Widenius has put in his resignation at Sun yesterday. Although it is not known who will be Widenius’ replacement at Sun, there is speculation that it will be Brian Aker. Aker is another MySQL developer who is working on a lighter version of the web database software called Drizzle.

Aker also helped rewrite the database back-end behind Slashdot by converting it to Oracle. Aker has previously worked on Memcached storage, Blackhole storage, CSV storage, and WebMethods storage.

Image credit: Wikipedia