MySQL Founders David Axmark and Michael Widenius Invest In Mobile Sorcery

Posted Sep 7, 2009

MySQL founders David Axmark and Michael Widenius have made a major seed investment in Mobile Sorcery.  The funding was over 1.5 million Swedish Kronor ($210,000).

MySQL was bought out for about $1 billion by Sun Microsystems in January 2008.  Before the acquisition, MySQL raised about $39 million in VC money.  So it was expected that Axmark and Widenius made enough money to make major investments in startups.  MySQL will eventually become a property of Oracle Corporation, who made an offer to buy out Sun for $7.4 billion.

This investment was Mobile Sorcery’s second round of seed investment.  The company raised money from STING (Stockholm Innovation and Growth) Capital private equity.  Mobile Sorcery started in late 2004 and makes cross-platform technology for mobile applications.

One of Mobile Sorcery’s core products is called MoSync 2.0 which allows developers to convert C/C++ code to Java, Symbian, and other Windows Mobile platforms.