Napster Makes A Come-Back In The Form Of An iOS Application!

Posted Sep 21, 2010

Remember Napster? It was the music sharing service that was created by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker in 1999 and ended up shutting down after the RIAA went after them for copyright violations.

At one point Napster had 80 million users sharing 25 million songs. Napster shut down in July 2001, declared bankruptcy in 2002, and ended up liquidating their assets after a potential acquisition by a German media firm fell through.

Napster’s brand and logo ended up being bought at an auction by Roxio Inc. and then ended up being called Napster 2.0. In September 2008, Napster was bought by Best Buy for $121 million.

Now Napster is available in the form of an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad application. For $10 a month, you can stream from a catalog of 10 million songs. Offline listening is available too. Downloading the actual application is free. [iTunes Link]