Natalie Blanchard Loses Health Insurance For Not Appearing Depressed On Facebook Pictures

Posted Nov 23, 2009

Above is a picture of Quebec resident Natalie Blanchard. She lost her insurance benefits because of the above photo and several other photos that were on Facebook. Blanchard was on a long-term disability for 18 months because of a depression diagnosis. Her insurance company ruled that she was no longer depressed because she did not appear to be that way on her Facebook status messages and photos.

One of her Facebook status messages said that she had climbed a mountain recently. She was collecting the benefits because a psychologist said that she should take time off from her job at IBM.

Some of the other pictures showed Blanchard at bars, beaches, and male strip shows. But Blanchard said that she was at those events after her insurance company stopped paying her. Manulife disagreed about that. Blanchard and her lawyer will be suing Manulife in the near future as the result of what she believes to be a violation of privacy.