WATCH: City Hall Shuts Down 13-Year Old’s Hot Dog Cart

Posted Jul 29, 2012

Nathan Dusynski is a 13 year old entrepreneur that lives in Holland, Michigan.  Instead of spending his summer playing video games, he wanted to earn some money to help pay for college and support his disabled parents.

Not long after he opened up his cart, a city zoning official named Tricia Dreier shut down his business and told him to move it along.  Dusynski researched the market, saved money for equipment, and got the necessary permits.

Nate’s mother Lynette Johnson and stepfather Doug Johnson talked to city hall and received approval.  They found out that there should not be a problem.  Greg Robinson, the City of Holland Assistant Manager said that the city would like to see Dusynski selling hot dogs too, but he just happened to be in an area where it is not allowed.

Nathan’s stand was on the edge of the city’s downtown commercial zone where food carts not connected to restaurants are banned.  A petition will be filed with city hall.  Check out the video below: