National Lampoon Buys Honestly, What Were They Thinking?

Posted Jan 9, 2008

I think that media companies should only buy Internet companies that have established traction.  Google bought YouTube when they were receiving millions of pageviews per month.  InterActivCorp bought CollegeHumor’s parent company, a college student-generated content web site, when the web site was receiving about 6 million monthly unique hits along with 200 million monthly page views.

This is why National Lampoon’s acquisition intrigues me.  They bought the web site,  The first thing I’d like to point out is CollegeHangover’s Alexa ranking: 2,311,564.  This means that the site must be getting a small amount of hits and page views.  The site’s About page has an under construction image on it.

I’ve never heard of CollegeHangover before today, when I read the press release.  But when I was at Michigan State Univ., I definetely knew about CollegeHumor.  CollegeHangover looks like they want to be the next CollegeHumor.  And I wonder how this acquisition bodes for Capazoo, another user-generated video site and social network that National Lampoon took a percentage of.

If someone knows what National Lampoon is up to, let us know.