NBA Player Brandon Jennings Fined $7,500 For Tweet

Posted Dec 21, 2009

Milwaukee Bucks point guard basketball player Brandon Jennings was one of the best basketball players at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. After graduating high school, he played professional basketball for Lottomatica Roma in Italy. After playing for a year in Italy, Jennings was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2009 NBA Draft. Jennings was recently fined for tweeting (posting a status message on about a basketball game about 15 minutes after it ended.

According to National Basketball Association (NBA) policy, players are not allowed to tweet until after the media is finished discussing the game. Jennings was charged $7,500 as a result of the tweet he sent out after the game. Jennings tweeted ?Back to 500. Yess!!! ?500? means where doing good. Way to Play Hard Guys? shortly after the game.

Currently Jennings has about 13,659 followers on Twitter and sent out about a total of 965 tweets. His user name is YUNGBUCK3. Jennings sent out several tweets after being fined in response.  He wrote, “I understand I got fined, but 7500?  For being happy over a win, you would of thought I said something bad.  I mean it was a big win for us.”

Jennings isn’t the only one who was fined for tweeting by the NBA.  Dallas Mavericks owner and Internet entrepreneur Mark Cuban was fined $25,000 for criticizing NBA referees on Twitter this past March.