NBA Player Ron Artest Posts Phone Number On Twitter & Personally Responds To Fans [Video]

Posted Aug 8, 2009

Twitter was down for the last couple of days due to a DDoS attack. Celebrities and athletes depend on Twitter to communicate with fans. L.A. Lakers NBA player Ron Artest did not want to just talk to fans on Twitter, he wanted his followers to call him while he was in China and text message him some funny jokes.

“Who got jokes??? 8323610108 Text me your Ron Ron jokes I’m callin back the funniest ones,” wrote Artest on Twitter. In the video above, Artest is calling up some of his fans and asking them “what’s good?”

I can understand why Artest is very happy-go-lucky by giving his number away. Its been a good year for the Lakers as they walked away with a championship and even received a personal congrats from Shaq.

[via SportingNews]