NBC Local Media Launches Neighborhood News Using Outside.in

Posted Jan 28, 2009

NBC Local Media has decided to go extra local by launching a Neighborhood News Pages (NNP) on nine of their owned-and-operated markets.  Of the nine markets that NBC is launching this platform on, seven of them are in the top 10 most populated cities in the nation.  The local markets include WNBC New York, KNBC Los Angeles, WMAQ Chicago, WCAU Philadelphia, KNTV San Francisco, KXAS Dallas-Ft. Worth, WRC Washington D.C., KNDS San Diego, and KTIS Hartford.

Neighborhood news will aggregate news from local NBC TV affiliates and organize the news and information by neighborhood.  This includes sports, health, local news, weather, traffic, and local events.  This is bad news for local newspaper company websites.  NBC clearly has the advantage by having a bigger budget to take on traditional news media companies.  There will be a lot of advertising poaching in the local markets as well.

“Our new Locals Only sites enable our users to be true insiders and to fulfill on that promise we need to deepen our coverage in local communities,” stated Brian Buchwald, SVP of local integrated media at NBC. Buchwald added that the NNP would “create more targeted ad impressions at a fraction of the cost.”

The news pages created for the NNP is based on Outside.in technology.

[via MediaPost]