NBC News Acquires Stringwire

Posted Aug 12, 2013

NBC has acquired a startup company called Stringwire.  This acquisition is known as an acqui-hire, which is when an acquisition takes place more because of the employees and technology rather than the brand itself.  Stringwire makes it possible to share video shot from a smartphone in real-time.

“Wherever you see a swarm of eyewitnesses on Twitter, that?s the sweet spot for Stringwire,” stated NBC News digital content officer Vivian Schiller.

Stringwire’s software uses the WebRTC standard to transmit real-time voice and video data.  The service is currently in private beta mode.

During a major event, NBC could ask people that are tweeting about it to open the Stringwire web application so that they can capture video from what is happening.  This would allow NBC to air the video content in almost real-time.