NCR Orders Over 500 Blockbuster Kiosks

Posted Jul 10, 2010

Shortly after Blockbuster (NYSE:BBI) was delisted, NCR made a deal with QuickTrip to have over 500 Blockbuster Express kiosks placed in almost all of their convenience stores.

While this contract won’t be a game changer for Blockbuster, it still keeps them alive to compete against Coinstar’s Redbox. Coinstar’s revenue increased 70% in the last quarter.

The world is in a very different place when it comes to movie rentals. Back in 1985 when Blockbuster first started, there was no way that they could have predicted people will be able to download movies from iTunes or from their TVs themselves.

Then came Netflix and Redstar which made movie rentals even more convenient than walking into a movie rental store. Plus I remember every time I walked into a Blockbuster and rented a movie for a few days, I couldn’t help but feel ripped off for paying over $4-$5 for one movie.