Need To Get A DJ A Gift? DJ Mixer Would Be A Good One.

Posted Aug 7, 2009

I always enjoy walking into an Urban Outfitters and seeing what some of the trendy and unique products that they are selling.  On the Urban Outfitters website, I learned that they are selling a DJ Mixer for only $120.  This is a good way for amateur DJs to practice in case they ever want to work for a club or DJ a wedding.  And for other consumers, it just sounds like a fun thing to have.

The DJ Mixer allows consumers to connect two iPods to a slot.  The DJ Mixer comes with an AC adapter and a spin option.  Some of the effects that can be when combining the music include cross-fading, recording, reverb flange, cross-fade sliding, and filtering.  The DJ Mixer can be connected to a stereo using an auxilliary wire.  As the iPod is playing, it charges too.  Folding headphones also come with the device.

The following devices are supported by the DJ Mixer: iPod Touch, 1st/2nd/3rd generation iPod Nano, iPod Classic, 4th/5th generation iPod Mini.  The device comes with instructions and a one year limited warranty.

[via LikeCool]