Neo Technology Raises $11 Million In Series B Funding

Posted Nov 4, 2012

Neo Technology is a company that has created a leading graph database known as Neo4j.  Earlier this week the company has raised $11 million in Series B funding.  This round of funding was led by Sunstone Capital.  The company has raised over $24 million in funding now.  This investment will be used for fueling their product development and further deliver the company’s vision for mass adoption of graph databases.  Previous investors that participated in this round include Fidelity Growth Partners Europe and Conor Venture Partners.

?Every quarter this year our bookings have been more than triple as compared to the same period last year. Total bookings in 2012 are up 440 percent over 2011. Continued investor confidence, as well as ongoing validation from partners, customers and industry analysts, underscores the work we?ve done to date. Our unique approach to solving connected data challenges is proven across thousands of installations. This additional capital will help us extend the experience to new markets and further fuel the mass adoption of our graph database technology,? said Emil Eifrém, CEO of Neo Technology.

Some of Neo’s clients include startups like Squidoo, GlassDoor, InfoJobs, Woozworld, and MoviePilot.  Neo4j’s Partner Graph includes partners like HP, JayWay, OpenCredo, Zenika, Readify, Heroku, and Capgemini.  Neo4j is the leading and fastest growing out of all NOSQL databases.

?As the world becomes more interconnected, being able to leverage those connections is essential to providing real value to our users and customers. Squidoo is launching a brand-new sharing platform and we needed a technology partner that could do the heavy lifting that would delight and amaze our users. Neo4j is extraordinary in enabling us to offer a product that makes connections possible,? stated Squidoo CEO Seth Godin.