Nerd Proposes To Girlfriend Using Mod Version Of Super Mario World [Video]

Posted Oct 21, 2009

What do you get when you cross a nerd with a girlfriend that enjoys playing video games? You get a nerdy engagement proposal. The nerd in the video above used a program called Lunar Magic to modify Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. The boyfriend had his girlfriend play the game. When the girlfriend made Mario go into a warp zone pipe, there were a set of gold coins that stated “Lisa Will You Marry Me?”

After reading the gold coins, the boyfriend got on one knee and showed the ring. The girlfriend enthusiastically said yes and the two have been living happily ever after since. Is there anything you can’t do Mario? You’ve made Nintendo the giant that it is and made a geeky couple come together. I wonder if this kid was in the Lambda Lambda Lambda frat when he was in college. Nice job, Poindexter.