Nest App Gets Upgraded To Version 4.0

Posted Nov 15, 2013

Nest Labs has upgraded the Nest Mobile app to version 4.0 with a new design for Nest Thermostat and added support for Nest Protect.  Nest Mobile version 4.0 has been adapted to support iOS 7.  Nest Version 4.0 has animated weather display, detailed “Where” location settings for Nest devices, and support portrait and landscape modes.  There is full support for both portrait and landscape modes.

The Nest Mobile app was designed as a companion app for Nest Thermostat.  Nest version 4.0 has arrows added to easily increase and decrease the target temperature.  Some of the new features in the update includes support for Nest Protect to improve the Nest Thermostat’s Auto-Away function and support for having Nest Thermostat turn off heat when Nest Protect detects high levels of carbon monoxide.

Below are some additional specs according to the Nest blog:

– The temperature outdoors, visible on the top left.

– The weather, now with animated clouds, shimmering blue skies or swirls of snow.

– A big button that lets you instantly switch between home and away. No more tilting your phone into landscape mode to set Away manually.

– The temperature you?ve set on your Nest Thermostat. If it?s not currently heating or cooling, the thermostat icon will be black. As heat or AC turns on, it?ll turn orange or blue.

– An icon representing all the Nest Protects in your home. If everything?s ok, you?ll see a green ring. If you?re getting a Heads-Up or Emergency Alarm, the ring will change color to yellow or red.

[Source: Nest Blog]